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Site updated on February 17, 2020

In April 2007 a new concept was introduced. You or your Employer can request up to 10 days which have been called “keep in touch” days (KIT). The idea of these is to make it easier for you to do a couple of days work or training whilst still officially on maternity leave – without all the hassle that used to exist when breaking your maternity leave or pay situation .

Up to 10 of these are available during your leave, but note that they do not increase your maternity leave by 10 days, you still have to return on the due date. They are optional. Your Employer does not have to grant these, nor can your Employer insist that you go in to work from maternity leave.

They may be useful if you want to attend an important meeting or training course towards the end of your leave perhaps. Or maybe you want to have a few trial runs to take your baby to nursery or creche then going on to work – before the full return to work day.

Note that you are not allowed to do any work for at least 2 weeks after childbirth.

The rules do not say how much you should be paid, so ask your Employer about this, or look at any Handbook. If you are attending work or training you should really be paid your normal salary. If you are still receiving maternity pay from your Employer, this can be topped up to your normal pay level – you do not get both!


If you switch from Maternity Leave to Shared Parental leave, a further 20 KIT days become available to you.

For more information on any of the above, called our Advice Line for assistance.

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