Statutory adoption pay

Site updated on February 17, 2020

Statutory adoption pay (SAP) is available for a period of up to 39 weeks (from April 2007) for parents who adopt after 6 April 2003.

Statutory Adoption Pay is now identical to Statutory Maternity Pay. The first six weeks are paid at 90% of the your average pay, the rest is the statutory level which is currently (April 2017) £140.98 per week and is subject to a number of qualifying rules. It is paid for up to 39 weeks of Adoption Leave.

The Paternity option for Adopting is exactly the same as Ordinary Paternity Leave – 2 weeks paid leave –  refer to that section for more detail.

You will need at least 26 weeks’ service and be earning at least  the lower earnings limit for National Insurance purposes to get paid leave.

Note that you are making a claim for a Statutory benefit, some of which your Employer can recover from the State. Current rules mean that the Adoption must be through a recognised Adoption Agency.

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