Employees who are not Entitled to a Statutory Redundancy Payment

Site updated on February 17, 2020

Employees who may not be entitled to Statutory Redundancy payment are as follows:

  • An apprentice whose service ends at the end of the apprenticeship contract.
  • An employee on a fixed term contract of at least 2 years duration which includes a written agreement that entitlement to a redundancy payment is waived. The contract must be terminated at the agreed time. From October 2002, this type of exclusion is no longer permitted in fixed term contracts.
  • A domestic servant working in a private household who is a member of the employer’s immediately family.
  • A share fisher paid solely by a share of the catch.
  • A merchant seaman/woman.
  • A Crown servant or an employee in a public service covered by other arrangements.

However, always check your employment contract to see if this provides for some redundancy payment.

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