Written Statement of Employment Terms

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Written statement of your employment terms

You are entitled by law to receive a written statement regardless of the number of hours you work. This statement is often referred to as a “section 1 statement”. Every employee, whose employment is likely to last for 1 month or more should be given a statement within two months of commencing employment. A failure to do this is a breach of your rights.

There are some exceptions. If you are in the following categories you are not entitled to a Statement;

(a) people working on board ships where the ship is registered outside Great Britain,

(b) mariners employed as seamen on a UK-registered ship working under a crew agreement the form and content of which has been approved by the Secretary of State;

(c) masters or members of a fishing crew where pay is through shares in the gross profits.

This information may be given to you in instalments, provided it is all given within two months of you commencing work.

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