Your Rights during Additional Maternity Leave

Site updated on February 17, 2020

From 5 October 2008, during the Additional period of 26 weeks maternity leave all of your employment rights remain in force – in fact you should be treated as if you were actually still at work, apart from pay of course!

Your contract of employment continues and is not suspended. The only exception to this is pay as Statutory Maternity Pay will replace your normal pay. You should continue to accumulate holiday leave, retain anycompany car that you have (unless this is purely a job use car), mobile phone, gym membership and other normal company benefits –  for this second 26 weeks of your leave.


If you have opted to take additional maternity leave, your employer may offer you a suitable alternative job where it is not practicable for you to go back in your original job. Suitable means the same pay, status and location as the job you left.

For information on your Pension situation, you should speak to your Manager.

If you are not receiving these benefits, raise this with your employer or call our Advice Line for help.

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