My fixed term contract has not been renewed

Site updated on February 17, 2020

If you have been working under a fixed term contract, and this is not renewed, this is still classed as a dismissal under employment law, and your Employer should still have followed a basic procedure, and honoured the notice in your contract for example.

You still have the right after two years not to be dismissed unfairly and you are protected against various forms of discrimination. Your fixed term contract may contain a clause that means you are not entitled to any Redundancy Pay; this clause is no longer valid.

Any fixed term contracts agreed after October 2002 cannot exclude your rights to a Redundancy payment. If your fixed term contract has not been renewed and you are unhappy with your situation, call our advice line for assistance.

You need two years service for any Statutory Redundancy Rights; but do also check your contract to see what redundancy rights you may have.

Although you need two years service to claim unfair dismissal, a range of other rights do not require you to have two years service. If you suspect that your fixed term contract was not renewed due to some form of discrimination, pregnancy, whistleblowing or similar activity, call our helpline as you may still be entitled to make a complaint.

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