Itemised Pay Statement

Site updated on February 17, 2020

Every employee, regardless of their length of service, has the right to an itemised pay statement. This statement has to be given to you at, or before, the time at which you are normally paid.

Your pay statement must be in writing and is required by law to contain the following information:-

  • Gross earnings.
  • Net pay.
  • Fixed and variable deductions from your gross pay.
  • Where different parts of the net amount are paid in different ways, details must be provided of each amount and a way in which each part is paid.
  • How holiday pay is calculated if this is included as part of your wages

If your employer fails to comply with these obligations, you can refer the matter to an employment tribunal.

It is possible for employers to issue a standing statement covering the fixed deductions from pay. Where this is the case, employers must re-issue this statement at least every 12 months.

There are strict rules governing the deductions that can be made from your pay by your employer. For further information on this see the section “Deductions from Wages”.

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