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Derek Eccleston MA FCIPD

This site provides a plain english explanation of the rights of Employees, Agency staff and Workers in the UK – and it is useful for Employers to know the law too! It was created by and is regularly updated by Derek .

Derek had the basic idea of the site when he was involved in creating a web site providing employment information for Employers. He realised that a lot of information was already available for Employers, but far less was easily available for employees and workers.

For many years Derek was a Personnel (HR)Manager – working in Engineering, and Financial services. He is now a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

In 1996 he joined forces with a firm of Solicitors and created Practical Employment Law, a Company specialising in providing advice and, in particular, training for Managers in Employment Law. He now runs Employment Law Training Ltd., a Consultancy specialising in advice and training on Employment Law and related topics. For further details go to www.eltraining.co.uk.

Derek completed a Masters Degree in Employment Law in 2000 with Leicester University.  He is a member of the Employment Law Faculty of the CIPD, regularly presenting Public Courses for the Institute ensures that he is up to date with this area of law. He is the Author of a number of Employment Law publications and is also a Personal Tutor on the CIPD Advanced Award in Employment Law, assisting students as they work towards this qualification.

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